NSDAR Luncheon

Mary and Ann at conventionOn Thursday, August 28th, Mary Torres and Ann Roberts attended the (sold out?!) NSDAR luncheon on “Texas Cattle and the American Revolution,” including a super presentation by Lynn Forney Young, President General of NSDAR. In the pre-conference brochure, prospective attendees read that “Although distant from the 13 colonies Texas played an important role in the cause for American Independence. Texas provided cattle to Spanish troops serving in Louisiana and the Mississippi Valley.” In fact, Bernardo de Galvez led his troops all the way to Florida and personally led a bold attack against a British held port, preventing British reinforcements from being sent to the (KEY) battle of Yorktown! Guests were honored by the presence of Judge Thonhoff, author of “The Texas Connection,” which brought these efforts to the attention of many readers.

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