2015 Officers

- Ann Talbot Roberts
- Mary Torres
Corresponding Secretary
- Yvonne Swanson
Recording Secretary
- Rosemarie Herrmann
- Barbara Krafka

2015 Committee Chairpersons

Book Selection
- Position not filled as of 02-14-2013
- Coralie Somers
Editor, Genealogical Tips
- Marlene Pegg
- Susan Francis


The Tip O' Texas Genealogical Society will meet the 3rd and 4th Thursday of the month except for December.

Finding Your Roots

New Program on PBS
Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm


April 16, 2015
The Tip O' Texas Genealogical Society meets Thursday, April 16, at 10:15 AM at the Harlingen Public Library. Following the business meeting, Ann Roberts and Mary Torres, will present: "Finding Your Female Ancestors." This program will present some new strategies and tools to help you "discover" your female lineage.

There will also be a special video presentation from a recent RootsTech/FGS Conference by Tan Le, a Vietnamese refugee, technology innovator and founder and CEO of Emotiv Lifesciences. Her company developed a breakthrough interface technology for digital media, taking inputs directly from the brain. Le tells a touching and poignant story about how she, as a young girl, with her sister, mother and grandmother, escaped war-torn Vietnam in a boat and how family history has always been a big part of who she is because her family left so much behind in search of a new life. The meeting is free and guests are always welcome.

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Beginning Research
Chart, going backwards. Write down everything. ASK family members – interview by asking open-ended questions.
Roots Web
Find A Grave
Heritage Quest
Family Search
Library of Congress

Paid Websites
Godfrey Library

An excellent resource is the printed Virginia Slave Index (compiled 1853-1865), later transcribed in microfilm format during the WPA in the 1930s and now available thanks to the Alexandria Library and put out by Heritage Books; also available on Amazon. Arranged alphabetically by slaveowner names, the 6th volume is a Geographic Supplement, arranged by county names. Pricey but worth it, or maybe you can order interlibrary loan.